Assistance Options

Capital Mortgage Services of Texas understands that you may be experiencing a temporary or long-term hardship and need help. Your loan may be past due or you may be facing foreclosure. We want to assist you with possible loss mitigation options which may be available to you. Please call us at 800.613.4408, Monday – Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CST.

Depending on your specific loan and circumstances, these options may include the following:


Allows you to pay past due amounts on your loan over a specified time period to bring your loan current. Each plan payment includes your regular monthly payment plus a portion of the past due amount. The term of the loan will vary based on your ability to repay. Read more

Trial Period/Forbearance

Allows you to temporarily suspend or reduce your payments for a specified time period. Under a trial period payment plan you make specified payments over a short period of time to demonstrate your ability and willingness to pay a specified amount. A trial period payment plan is generally required before a permanent loan modification is granted. Read more

Loan Modification

Permanently modifies the terms of your loan, may change one or more terms of your loan in order to help you bring a defaulted loan current and prevent foreclosure. Read more

Short Refinance

Allows you to refinance your loan at less than the remaining balance of your loan. The owner of your loan agrees to forgive some of the principal balance. In most cases, you will be responsible for the costs of obtaining the new loan. Read more


A voluntary deed of the ownership of your home to the owner of your loan in satisfaction of some or all of your obligations under your loan. Read more




Payment of the total amount you owe in a lump sum payment and by a specific date. Read more

Consent to Judgment

If you are unsuccessful in selling your home and do not qualify for a Deed-in-Lieu because of outstanding liens, this option may be available to you. Relocation assistance may be offered if you agree to a quick foreclosure. Read more


A mutual agreement between you and Capital Mortgage Services of Texas whereby we, on behalf of the loan owner, agrees to accept less than the full amount of your loan balance in full satisfaction of your loan. You retain full ownership of your home. Read more

Active Services Members

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act provides certain legal protections and debt relief to service members on active duty or active service members and their dependents Read more

Documents Needed